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    A Brief Look at The Bedroom Store's Clearance Items

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Everyone loves a good deal! That is why so many people shop around for the best bargains before making any purchases. You can always find a great deal when you shop here at The Bedroom Store. Check out some of our current clearance items before visiting our store:

    King Bayshore Island Bed

    This gorgeous contemporary bed is a great addition to any modern or casual master bedroom. Give your room a natural feel with the dark Java cherry finish of this simple yet sophisticated bed. Our King Bayshore Island Bed is usually priced at $399, but is currently priced at $299.

    Metropolitan Youth Platform Three Piece Group

    Are you looking for new furniture for the kids? Try the attractive Metropolitan Youth Platform three piece group from The Bedroom Store. This sleek set is ideal for an older child or young teenager who is ready to give their bedroom a more mature style. You can currently get the Metropolitan Youth Platform bed, dresser, and mirror for $599.

    Metropolitan Armoire

    If you enjoy the style of the Metropolitan Youth Platform three piece group, you will also find the Metropolitan armoire appealing. This stunning armoire features solid wood with a chocolate cherry finish. You can fit plenty of clothing and accessories in this piece thanks to its full depth drawer boxes. Our Metropolitan armoire is a great choice for bedrooms with little or no closet space. Add this piece to your bedroom for its current price of $299.

    Super Spring Futon Mattress

    Make sure your guests are truly comfortable by providing a relaxing futon they can use while they visit. Enhance your futon by investing in our Super Spring Futon Mattress. This piece has both an insulator pad and foam layer on top and bottom, protecting the 272 coil, 13 gauge innerspring interior. Score this mattress for just $249.

    These are just some of the clearance items you can find at The Bedroom Store. Discover some of our other St. Louis mattress deals by visiting our website. Get answers to your questions by calling us today at (314) 892-1001.


    How to Select the Right Pillow

    Last updated 9 months ago

    A good night’s sleep is important for a number of reasons. Sleep helps the body and the mind, making it essential to get restful sleep every night. If you are not sleeping well, consider choosing a new pillow to get more support.

    Watch this video to learn about different types of pillows. It is important to find the right type of pillow to give your head, neck, and upper back the support needed to stay comfortable throughout the night. Determining what position you sleep in can help you figure out which type of pillow is right for you.

    Find a great selection of pillows at The Bedroom Store. We offer St. Louis’ best selection of beds, mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories. Find out when we’re open by calling us today at (314) 892-1001.


    Furniture Pieces to Consider for Your Child's Bedroom

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Decorating is always fun. This is especially true for children who enjoy showing off their creative sides. Give your child an opportunity to show off his or her unique sense of style with cool colors and decorations. Make sure your child’s bedroom is functional as well as creative by including these important furniture pieces:

    Whether you are moving into a new space or just making over your child’s room, it is a good idea to start by selecting the right bed. Children’s beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find a good fit for children of all ages. You and your child can search through our selection of youth beds to find the one he or she likes the most. If you have two or more children sharing a bedroom, consider choosing a bunk bed over traditional beds to preserve space in the room.

    Dressers and Mirrors
    Children do much more than just sleep in their bedrooms. They also use these spaces to play with toys and friends. Using a piece of furniture as storage for toys and accessories will make it easy for your child to keep his or her room clean and organized. A dresser is a versatile piece of bedroom furniture that can hold toys as well as clothing and accessories. Choosing a dresser with a mirror will allow your child to check over his or her outfit before leaving for the day.

    You may have a home office, but your child also needs his or her own personal space to work while at home. Make sure your child has a suitable homework station by placing a desk in his or her bedroom. This piece of furniture also provides a place to sit and read, draw, or work on other creative projects.

    You and your child can find a great selection of beds, mattresses, and more here at The Bedroom Store. Check out our website or give us a call at (314) 892-1001 to learn more about our St. Louis bedroom furniture store.

    The Benefits of Keeping a Futon in Your Living Room

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Some furnishings are designed for specific purposes in specific rooms. Others allow you to transform the rooms in your home. Futons make this transformation possible by combining the best elements of a sofa and a bed in one stylish piece of furniture. Placing a futon in your living room offers a number of benefits, such as:

    Offering More Seating
    Sofas are popular furnishings for living rooms of all shapes and sizes. But even with these focal pieces, you may not have enough seating options for all of your guests. Individual chairs and recliners do not provide the same coziness offered by sofas, but futons offer this coziness and much more. A futon is a great place to sit, lounge, or even take a nap during the day.

    Providing a Spare Bed for Guests
    Do you have a lot of friends or family members who like to visit from out of town? A lot of families end up forcing one member to give up a bedroom during their guests’ stay, leaving the family member to find a not-so-comfortable place to sleep. When you have a futon, you can easily fold it down to provide a relaxing bed for out-of-town guests.

    Adding Versatility to the Room’s Appearance
    A futon is a great addition for homeowners who like to switch up their home’s décor every so often. It is easy to add a totally new color, pattern, or texture to your futon by placing a new cover over it. This allows you to try new décor styles any time you want!

    Allowing You to Choose a Traditional Sofa
    Many families purchase sleeper-sofas in order to accommodate out-of-town guests—but not all of these families actually like these sofas. If you want a traditional sofa, you can still offer a comfortable bed to guests by pairing it with a futon in your home’s living room.

    Find the perfect sofa for your living room here at The Bedroom Store. Discover our St. Louis selection of beds, futons, and other furnishings by contacting us today at (314) 892-1001.

    How Long Do Mattresses Last?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    When you wake up after a good night’s rest, you feel alert, energized, and ready for the day. When you wake up after a not-so-restful night, you don’t feel quite as ready. Getting enough sleep is important at every age, but it is easy to experience restless nights when you are sleeping on the wrong type of mattress.

    If your mattress is too old, it will not provide the support you need. That is why it is important to know how long mattresses last as well as the signs that a mattress is nearing the end of its life. The average mattress is designed to last between five and ten years, though different models and brands offer different warranties. You can help your mattress last even longer by rotating it every few months to avoid making indentations.

    Is it time to get a new mattress? Find the right one here at The Bedroom Store. Learn about our selection of mattresses from brands such as Serta and Tempur-Pedic by calling us today at (314) 892-1001.

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